Talk200 is available to download immediately from the Google Play Store and Iphone App store.

How To Use Talk200 App

Once you have download the App for the first time you will see the following screens:

  • Please complete the 3 boxes correctly with the correct information. If you enter incorrect information the App will not work properly.
  • You will then receive an automated SMS message with a verification code. If you are an Android user, the Talk200 App will open up automatically as soon as you receive the SMS message. If you are an Iphone user you will need to manually retrive the SMS, make a note of the activation code and then enter it into the pop up box that appears on your screen when you press the Talk200 icon.
  • Once the App opens the screen you will see will be similar the one above.
  • You can dial your international number directly into the keypad or you can access your list of contacts and choose the saved number that you want to dial.
  • When placing a call the above prompt will appear.
  • Depending on where you are in the world and what your circumstances are, you can choose how best to place your call.

Find out more. See below.

Call Using Your Existing Sim Card

When you initially install the App,(depending on which country you are a resident of), we install a local access number into your App.

The idea being that your international call is placed via a local access number which is either free or cheap for you to dial. You will need to assess whether the local access number that the App dials prior to placing your international call is free or cheap for you to call from your mobile operator as they will be the ones billing you for the call to the local access number.

Calls placed via a local access number usually return the best call quality.

Call Using Your Existing Sim Card
Call Via Wifi / Mobile Data

Call Via Wifi / Mobile Data

If the local access number saved in your App is not free or low cost for you to dial, or if you do not have a GSM signal, you can place your call using Wifi or Mobile Data.

You can even place a Wifi call without inserting a sim card into your phone. The quality of the call will depend on how strong your Wifi / Mobile Data connection is.

Call Via Call Back

Call back is designed for people who cannot call a local access number to place a call and who do not have a Wifi/ Data connection.

For example you might be a Pay as you go user who does not have sufficient credit or allowances to place your call via local access number.

Or you might be in an area where there is no data / Wifi coverage. In such scenarios Call Back is the right option for you. By choosing call back the App will place a missed call to a UK number. You won’t be charged for the call as our system will disconnect the call before answering it.

Our automated system will then call you back. When you answer you can then manually key in the number that you want to dial abroad.

The cost of calling you back in addition with the cost of calling your destination will be deducted from your balance. Calls placed via Call Back are more expensive than calls made via local access number or Wi-Fi. We recommend that our customers only use call back when they can’t place a call through our App using their sim or using a Wi-Fi / Data connection.

Call Via Call Back