Refer family and friends and get free credit to enjoy free international calls

Get Free International Calls

When installed for the first time your App will come preloaded with £0.20 free credit.

This will allow you to make a free call and test our cheap international calls service.

However by putting a credit card in the picture it makes it look like the customer has to pay to download the App which is not correct

  • Download the App. You will get £0.20 free credit to get you started.

Go to the menu and the section  titled ” Refer a friend”

Make a note of your refer a friend promotion code

Next share our app with your family and friends.


Once your family and friends download the App it will come with £0.20 standard free credit for them to use. However tell them to enter your promotion code in the menu via the section titled “Promotion Code.”

Once the code is entered you will both receive £0.50 free credit when they make their next top up!
Refer lots of friends and family, earn lots of free credit and never pay for a call again. Enjoy free international calls!