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Calling Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the most expensive countries to call in the world. However thanks to the team at Talk200 we have done our best to bring consumers cheap international calls to Zimbabwe. The most cost efficient way to make a call to Zimbabwe is to call a Zimbabwe landline. Our aggressive rates justify our claims of providing consumers with cheap calls to Zimbabwe landlines and cheap calls to Zimbabwe mobiles.

The main mobile operators in Zimbabwe are Econet, Net One and Telecel and we provide low cost calls to all of these operators. For the ideal solution to make the cheapest calls to Zimbabwe call a landline in Harare, Bulawayo, Chitungwiza or any other major city.

People looking for free calls to Zimbabwe can also use our service. Our App comes with free credit when first installed which can be used to make a free international call. If you recommend family and friends to use our App you can earn more free credit and make more free calls to Zimbabwe mobiles and free calls to Zimbabwe landlines.

Our app can also be used to make cheap international calls from Zimbabwe. The Talk200 app works anywhere in the world. If you are visiting Zimbabwe you can benefit from roaming free in Zimbabwe and saving on your outbound call charges. If you live in Zimbabwe you can benefit from making low cost international calls from Zimbabwe too.