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Calling Iran

Iran has a rich culture that goes back thousands of years to when it was known as Persia. Iranians are a proud people. Proud of their cultural and religious roots. Many Iranians who have moved out from their homeland celebrate their rich Persian culture. One of the methods that they do so is by calling Iran regularly. Over the last few years we have seen demand increase for cheap calls to Iran. In particular for cheap calls to Iran landlines. The strong telecoms infrastructure in Iran has meant that most families have landlines therefore increasing the demand for cheap calls to Tehran, cheap call to Mashhad, cheap call to Isfahan, cheap call to Karaj and cheap international calls to Iran as a whole. But cheap calls to Iranian landlines is not the only service we offer. We also offer cheap calls to Iran mobiles too. We have cheap rates to call Hamrah Aval, MTN Irancell. In addition we offer low cost calls to Iran Rightel and Taliya too. Looking for a cheap call to Iran? Talk200 is the only service that you’ll need.

If you’re visiting Iran you can also make cheap international calls from Iran using our App as it is designed to work all over the world. You can even enjoy free roaming in Iran by making all of your outbound international calls from frim Iran by using the Talk200 app.