Our App can be used anywhere in the world. We offer some of the cheapest international call rates available

Cheap International Calling App

The Talk200 App is a revolutionary App that lets you make cheap international calls to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. Our rates for making cheap overseas calls are amongst the lowest that any telecoms company in the world can provide. We have years of experience in providing customers with low cost international calling solutions without compromising call quality. We have used this experience and expertise to bring internationalcallers the Talk200 App which provides a solution to everybody’s international calling needs.

The Talk200 App is an industry leading product that can be used by anyone anywhere in theworld to make a cheap international call with our without an internet connection.

Customers can place their call by first dialling a local access number. No data or internet connection is needed for placing a call via this method. It forms the cheapest way of making an overseas call and also the most stable way. Local access numbers are pre-programmed in the App and are dialled automatically.

If you’re in a country where a local access number is not supplied by our App you can make a cheap international call by using the data / wifi option built into the App. This does exactly as stated where by the call is placed via an active data / wifi connection. With this method of calling you can be anywhere in the world to make your call so long as you have access to the internet.

If a data / wifi connection is not available and if our App doesn’t have a local number built in for you to call in the country in which you’re residing; then there’s no reason to despair. Our App has a built in Call Back feature. When you choose to make a call via this method a free call is placed to our server and then our automated service will call you back. When we call you back you simply dial the international number that you want to call.

The rate table above shows the cost of making a cheap international call using our App. Afterviewing our rates we’re sure you’ll agree that we supply some of the cheapest international calling rates in the world!

Use our rate calculator to work out the cost of calling abroad.

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