Talk200 offers a very generous and rewarding agent commission scheme

Become An Agent of Talk200 Apps

The idea is simple. You introduce customers to our App and we’ll pay you 10% commission for every top up made by every customer that you introduce to our App for 1 whole year from the date that they join!

Bringing in customers and making money is simple.

  • We’ll give you your own Agent Code e.g AG 721
  • Tell people about our App and tell them to install it.
  • In the main menu tell them to go the section titled “promotion code” and ask them to enter your Agent Code e.g AG 721. They get free credit for doing this on their next top up so there is no reason why they will refuse to enter the promotion code.
  • Once the customer enters the promotion code that you’ve given them they are now attached to and you as an agent will get 10% commission on all of their top ups for 1 year from the date that customer joins. Please note that you will need to apply to us to become an agent and be allocated your own unique Agent Promotion Code
  • But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s say that you become an agent but you have a sub team below you who are doing alot of the maketing for you and you need to give them a slice of your commission payments.
  • We have the facility to do that too! You can create Sub Agent promotion codes linked to you commission account. Our fully automated commission calculation engine will tell you how much commission both you and your sub agents have made.
  • Both agents and their sub agents have access to an online portal which they can access at anytime to view their earnings.
  • Sound good? Well it gets better!
  • As wll as paying agents handsome commissionss, agents also have the facility to further boost their ernings by selling Talk200 top up vouchers / recharge vouchers.
  • Agents will be supplied with Talk200 top up vouchers at a 10% discount. These can then be sold to any Talk200 user at full price, giving agents and sub agents an additional revenue stream!

If you’re interested in becoming an agent and working with us then please contact us today for further information!