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Download our App and start making cheap international calls immediately via a local access number or using your Mobile Data/Wi-Fi or via call back if you can't call a local access number and don't have data.

Talk200 is the only international calling aid that you need!

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  • Talk200 is a revolutionary new App that lets you make cheap international calls to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world.
  • It's the only low cost international calling solution that you'll need. Whether you're making business calls or simply calling family and friends abroad our competitive prices and superb line quality makes your international calling experience both comfortable and affordable.
  • It works from anywhere in the world and it can also be used as a part of a roaming free solution to make cheap calls when you are travelling abroad either on holiday or on a business trip.
  • It's available to download now on Android and iPhone and comes with free credit that will let you place a few free international calls to get a feel of our App.
  • You can continue to earn free credit by recommeding the App to family and friends. When they top up for the first time we'll credit your account with free credit!
  • You can also apply to become an agent and earn lots of money. View our agent page for more information
				Using your existing sim card

Using your existing sim card

You can make a call using your existing sim card via dialling a pre prgrammed local access number. When you download our App it will come pre-programmed with an access number that is local to you and should be free for you to dial using your bundled minutes. No internet connection is needed for this method of placing an international call. If the local number that we supply you with is not free or low cost for you to dial then you can place your call using your mobile data or via Wi-Fi connection.

								Using your existing sim card

Using your mobile data or Wi Fi connection

Our App also lets you place your international call using a data connection. You can be anywhere in the world to place your call using this function. What's more the person you are calling does not need to have the App installed in order for you to call them.  

Using your existing sim card

Use our Call Back facility

If you're not able to dial one of our pre-installed local numbers for free and if you don't have a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection then all is not lost. Our app will still let you make an international call using the Call Back function. With Call Back our App places a (non chargeable) missed call  to one of our access numbers. Our automated system disconnects the call without charging you for it and then calls you back allowing you to then dial your international number.

Check out some of the benefits of joining the Talk200 family!


You can join to become an agent and earn 10% commission for 12 months for all of top ups made by all of the people that you recommend to top up and use the App. If you’re a super agent we might extend the lifetime of your commission! See our agents page for information.


You can earn extra free credit and make lots of free international calls by referring your family and friends. Please see our refer a friend page.


Our App comes with free credit which you can use to start making free international calls immediately.


We provide competitive pricing which allows you to make cheap / low cost international calls.


Our App has a simple and easy to use interface. Anybody can use our App. It’s straight forward, easy and user friendly.


The days of using multiple sim cards for local calls and cheap international calls is over. Our App can be installed on your existing phone and will work with your existing sim. If you place all your calls using Wi-Fi your phone doesn’t even need to have a sim card installed!